A journey through time

Special Occasions/

This lavish 50th birthday celebration for 80 people was held at the Athenaeum members club hired exclusively for the occasion. The evening was hosted by famous presenters Tatiana Lazareva and Mikhail Shatz who took the guests on an exciting journey through time. The themed party started in the atmosphere of 1920s, with improvised gentlemen’s club and suffragette movement meetings. The guests changed into original vintage period costumes and delved into the spirit of the era.

This flamboyant introduction was followed by a celebratory seated dinner with a diverse entertainment programme to the liking of the man of the hour and his guests. Among the featured acts were: Salut band, opera singer Maria Veretenina and Moscow-based pop-band Kvatro. The party mood was fired up by disco-vibes – popular songs and bright outfits from the 70-s and 80-s set the tone for the dancing mode! The evening’s last act was a playful karaoke competition for the most enduring fun-lovers.